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7 Essential Tools For Freshwater Aquariums Maintenance


Trying to maintain a freshwater aquarium to stay clean and tidy is extremely important. To be able to achieve such, it will be necessary to schedule regular maintenance on it. It is undeniable that cleaning can be messy and tiring as well in a way that you ought to prepare things including cleaning agents as well as tools to ensure that the fish inside is healthy. Following are tools that you might have to prepare prior to starting with the cleaning procedure.


Number 1. Gravel vacuums - these SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium work wonderfully in regards to sucking off and absorbing excess dirt inside the aquarium such as waste materials and foods. These waste materials can cause bad effects and stress on fish and several other aquatic plants if it isn't collected timely.


Number 2. Scraper, scrubber, algae pads - these tools are specifically used in removing algae from surroundings of the aquarium. Scrubber or scraper is commonly used on glass tanks while the softer algae pads are used generally for acrylic tanks as they can be scratched off easily.


Number 3. Fish nets - this one actually serves wide varieties of purposes in maintaining freshwater aquarium. These nets can be used in an effort to separate fish from their kinds. The holes in the fish net is what used in determining their uses like for example, large holed fish nets are intended for bigger fish while the small holed fish nets are perfect for small fry. Check out for more details about aquariums.


Number 4. Tongs or forceps - these tongs are used for picking mini or small objects that may possibly cause obstruction to the aquarium including dry plants, dead fish as well as dirty stuff that don't have any use in the freshwater aquarium. You have to be careful not to apply too much pressure on tongs when dipping them in the water for it may lift small fish onto the side by accident. Try looking for rust found on tongs as it can create an effect on the water chemistry level of the SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium.


Number 5. Pails - these are used commonly as water container for the aquarium. They may be used manually to clean freshwater aquarium and you can replace easily the water inside the tank through the pail.


Number 6. Siphon tubes - siphon tubes are being used to be able to conveniently drain water in the aquarium without moving it or tilting it sideways.


Number 7. Water pH testing kits - the testing kits for pH levels of water is among the desirable tools that must be available when doing maintenance for any freshwater aquarium primarily because of the significance on changes of water chemistry.